My name is Matthew. Not Matt.

Don't be a stranger.

email me.

call: 901.674.9724

about my selfie

It doesn't really bother me if you get it wrong. Unless you want me to know that you're talking to or about me.

I live in a small apartment at the end of a quiet street next to a major thoroughfare street in midtown Memphis, Tennessee. It's filled with light when the seasons allow, and with the sound of landing cargo planes when the weather demands.

I have a degree in creative writing from Ball State, and if that taught me anything, it's that you have to do something constantly if you're ever going to do it well. I can craft a solid sentence in my sleep, but if you must know, this is the most important lesson I learned in college:

Poetry doesn't pay. Learn to do something else.

And so I did. I waited tables, I sank my teeth into print and web design, and learned every format and platform I could. All so I could write about it and for it and on it. Even if it's 140 characters at a time. Wherever you start, you must begin. Everything else from there is an experiment.