Is that a solo record? How cute is that? as it appeared in and around fall of 2010. as it appeared in and around fall of 2010.

Somewhere back in 1994 or 1995, my parents bought me a guitar and pretty much ruined everybody's lives. That's a bit strong. I still play in a couple bands and I write songs that I think are pretty good. But at the time, I took to the guitar like a fish to the wrong sort of water, and I took to singing like that same fish to the infinite vacuum of outer space.

In 2010, I released "Nine Songs." Because those nine were the only ones I'd written and recorded in the preceding 15 years that were worth half a damn. A couple of them I still dig. I play a couple with a band. In public, even.

Of course I designed the album cover and the Website, and created all the copy on said Website, because I wouldn't force that task on anyone else. This was my undertaking, and it was my burden. Also, I liked the way it looked.