"Apple Thinks the World is Flat" blog post, Magnetic Digital Agency

While working part-time at Magnetic Digital Agency, one of my tasks was to create content for the blog on their shiny new Website.

Here's an excerpt from one:

"Apple Thinks the World is Flat: Here's Why We Agree."

Flat design allows Apple to more easily adapt their software's appearance to new applications. While the iWatch and the iCar are still mere rumors, Apple has made several changes to their screens' size and dimensions. 

Whether it was making the iPhone 5 taller than the iPhone 4S, or introducing the iPad and iPad mini, app developers have had to jump through several hoops to make their work look as good as possible on as many devices as possible. Flat design makes it easier.

This is a lesson we've learned, too, as web designers. More and more web traffic is coming from mobile devices - both smartphones and tablets - with more devices and screen resolutions appearing every day. 

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