Keyless Locks Blog Post, Magnetic Digital Agency

A particularly frustrating morning, and a week's experience with a couple gimmicky iPhone apps provided inspiration for this post I made to the Magnetic Digital Agency blog.


I've been excited to see a new breed of locks designed to work around people like me, making our lives easier. These range from the keyless ignition in cars, which work from an RFID chip installed in the key or its fob, to the new app, Knock, which just keeps you from needing to plug in your computer password on newer Macs.

Like Knock, there's also the Goji smart home lock, and the Bitlock bike lock. All three are using the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol to - essentially - inform the lock that you're nearby and let you in without having to dig through your keychain - and they can let you loan access to certain people you choose.

Like any proud member of my generation, the one thing I very rarely forget is my phone. Even then, I'm not perfect - last night, I accidentally sent it home with a friend who gave me a ride to dinner. If I'd had these locks installed everywhere, I'm not sure I'd be able to recover - I was able to message my friend about the phone over Facebook, once I got into my house, because my roommate was home, and Knock still let me enter my computer password manually.

Read the full post here, if you'd like.